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Amarcord was born to rediscover the beauty of the past.


The Amacord collection was brought to life with the idea to connect the past to the present. Amarcord seeks to contemplate the past and its masterpieces to find eternal value.

Antique Furniture and Paintings
Prairie Painting

Amarcord means “I remember” in Italian dialect and it is a famous movie from Federico Fellini from the 70s. With Amarcord we want to remember the great times of the past and bring them back to the present with a new spirit.


The Amarcord Collection recalls the iconic shapes for its optical frames and uses contemporary colors to be in line with the latest trends in the fashion industry. Amarcord is the expression of the elegance of the past. 

The optical frames are characterized by using contemporary acetate colors in combination with elegant stainless steel for a timeless look.

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